Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tribeca: Part 3

"Feria" a voice called out from the blinding whiteness. Feria stirred. She blinked her eyes repeatedly trying to focus them. She realized that wherever she was, it was a room or place of nothingness. All white is what she saw for as far as she could see. Distance and depth perception failed her. For all she knew she was floating on air.
Rubbing her head, Feria felt the exact spot that she was hit. It did not hurt but there was something now there. She fingered the formation now embedded into her skull but could not make out what it was. She tried pulling on it but it did not budge. Feria felt around to the back of her head and found that there was the same formation on the back of her head as well. It was as if whatever hit her went straight through. Feria's long beautiful hair hid the mark on the back of her head, however, panic gripped her. Feria got to her feet or what she believed to be a standing position, and looked around again. Still nothingness greeted her.
"Fear not, child of DaChase. No harm will come to you here." Feria tried to follow the voice but could not. She felt a pulsating on her head and realized that the voice she was hearing was coming from the object, but talking to her from within.
"Where am I?" Feria questioned. "Am I dead?"
"You are neither here nor there, alive or dead. You are where you are." Feria slumped back down to what she believed to be the ground...being as she was now in a sitting position.
"Why was I brought here? I have to get home. My father has been wounded and we have traitors to hunt down." Feria sounded defiant and put on a brave front. But there was still much to question of the events that had recently transpired. She still did not fully believe the accounts of her father but his injuries were undeniable. Attacking or harming royalty met with severe and terminal consequences.
"Worry not about your father. For he is being well attended to. More important matters must be discussed, starting with why you were chosen to be the Avatar of the Sky." Feria's jaw dropped and eyes opened wider. Her body froze. This was something that once came to her in dreams but not since childhood. She felt her body begin moving beyond her control. The being that possessed her was standing her upright, no; she felt free of gravity as if she were flying...or hovering. Feria's hair flowed and rose as if each strand were being pulled upwards by attached puppet strings.
"Come. We haven't much time." And with that there was a brilliant flash and the whiteness faded away to reveal Feria's bed quarters and her balcony door still open, wind and rain blowing in and soiling the expensive rugs and furniture just within the entrance to the balcony. Feria however was nowhere in sight.

Wake moved as if he could sense exactly where it was he was going. Ebon guessed that Wake did know infact where he was going and how to get there. They were moving at a breakneck speed. Jumping through trees and running along the underbrush. Neither made a sound as they moved. The years of stealth training had paid off. Wake had still not told Ebon who his mother was nor her whereabouts. He did tell Ebon that before he divulged that information to him that there was a final training that he must complete; one that he may not survive but in order to complete the journey lay before him, he must. It was to that training site that they were headed now.
They had not much time as DaChase's forces would soon be after them in full battalion; but Wake was adamant in Ebon completing this task. Wanting to find his mother and learn his heritage as well as agreeing to complete the task out of respect and love for Wake, Ebon prepared himself for the unimaginable. Wake had disappeared into the darkness of the forest. Ebon followed closely behind.


JC said...

Hey RDot. What's RDot stand for, by the way? Sorry I have not been by but when I saw it was fiction, I had to knuckle down and devote time to reading it. I read everything this morning and am indeed impressed!

I'm interested to see where Tribeca goes. I have a thing for arrogant bad-boys and once I read that DaChase's lust for Ebon was mutual, I was really hoping to see that pan out sooner. I was dissappointed to see that you cut out his eye!! You've already got one sightless character! Maybe through magics and trickery, he can regrow an eye and just have a sexy scar.

I like that Feria is a major character-- in terms of action. Her connection with all the current established ones means that she very well should be. Great that u write her instead of pushing her into the background like most women of gay male fiction.

I didn't like how Ebon leapt into Wake's arms so quickly and willingly, being that there was no aforementioned attraction between them. I thought it would have been interesting had Wake lusted after Ebon but Ebon really only had physical feelings for DaChase. I hope you explore this relationship (Ebon & DaChase.) It has interesting potential given that one is painted as such a villian.

All and all-- I must say I was surprised by your writing style. Your voice here is very clean and refined. Not as much mentioning of COCK and ASS as I was hoping for (haha-- whadyya expect-- I'm a pornographer) but it still does the job! It roped me in. Great work!


RDot said...

Hey JC thanks for stopping by! I am glad you like the serial so far. As the action heats up so will the sex, lol. Feria has a VERY large role to play in this web I'm weaving and Wake and Ebon's relationship isn't exactly what it seems. and don't worry...DaChase is far from finished with our poor little Ebon.

Z-Maker said...

Looking forward to more...Tribeca, has my full attention now. Good job of pulling and grabbing your reader's interest/curiosity.

It's still too early in the story to give my own summation of the characters. But, I'm enjoying getting to know them immensely.

Well done.


MJ said...

It's so good I can smell it...Intensity, violence, sexuality.. It incites me...

johnnytmalice said...

An avatar of the sky... curioser & curioser. And of course the title is curious, Tribeca being also a district of New York (isn't it?) - is this the dream of some young man one sweltering city summer night?

Johnny G