Sunday, January 20, 2008

Erotic Writing: One Night

Image provided from Belasco's blog

Taking a brief break from Tribeca( don't worry, I have more to bring you from that wondrous land)
Just thought i would post a short erotica post I did awhile back. Njoy!

One Night

Quentez sat there in the darkened room. In his chair. In front of the window, alone. A half empty bottle of Cognac sat at his feet. Light jazz music from the stereo in the corner filled the room. A beautifully decorated table of untouched food sat in the dining room. There were place settings for two. Quentez slouched down into the chair, shirt open with his right hand digging into his crotch as if he was looking for gold, his eyes began to water. He had been stood up. Again. It was to be a night of passionate kisses, subtle caresses and loving embraces. Instead he got a phone message talking of delayed flights and misdirections. It was now 3 a.m. and he was still alone. The last call was at 7 p.m. To his dispare the room grew colder, the lights even dimmer. His studio apartment had never seemed so large and empty.

Eyes heavy, Quentez's head fell forward towards his chest, sleep overtaking him. A silent rainfall began to fall outside, causing mist to drift up into the night. The front door started moving as if someone was undoing the lock. Quentez heard the rumbling but did not move. He didn't know whether he just did not care, was too tired to move or inable, maybe all three, to bother with who was coming into his space. The door opened. A shadow crept into the room. After a moment of nothing but silence, Quentez heard footsteps, steadily crossing the room getting closer to him. His large frame did not stir. He just sat and waited and listened. The shadow stopped directly behind him. He felt heavy breath fall on his neck making his hairs stand on end. An arm reached from behind him in an embrace. The arm came across his shoulder with the hand landing on his soft chest. Fingers touching exposed nipple. Another arm came across Quentez, sliding into his pants. Buttons came undone and Quentez felt his nature rising. The shadow came around to stand infront of him.

In the light of the moon a silhouette stood infront of Quentez. Another large framed man, brown in skin, nude like birth. Hands outstretched reaching for him, Quentez grabbed them. Lifted from his chair he was pulled into a long embrace. A hushed whisper blew into his ear.

"I'm sorry"

Quentez fell against this shadow, his man. Kisses to his neck, grabbing of his flesh. Somehow they wound up on the bed. His chest was enveloped into the man's mouth, gentle biting and licking. His sex rose up against the shadow's body in approval. A hand grabbed the sex, stroking it gently and incessantly. Each caress brought Quentez back to sobriety and into pleasure. Suddenly his thighs were lifted into the air and a rough push of hard manhood inserted inside him. Pain and pleasure rolled into one hit Quentez like a bucking bull. But he was determined to ride. Matching each thrust the two became one. Sweat clouding vision, touches and loud panting, rhythmic movement building and building faster and harder until a final release flooding the both of them. The man collapsed onto Quentez's wet belly in exhaustion. Falling into sleep Quentez kissed his partner's lips.

"I hate it when you're late"


JC said...

Very cute, emotional little piece here, dude!

I'm surprised you write erotica with no use of 4-letter words! haha This style of erotic literature is so alien to me-- but great work, nonetheless.


RDot said...

lol. yeah. i'm more sexual as opposed to flat out graphic...even though...once the book comes out you will read some of my more, uh..DETAILED scenes. lol

MJ said...

awwww... I really liked this one... Seems like I've been to that place...

johnnytmalice said...

Nice economic set-up & sensual & atmospheric & evocative; I look forward to reading your two pieces in the forthcoming book...

Johnny G