Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tribeca: Part 4

"What do you mean my daughter is gone!?!" erupted an overwhelmingly angered Count DaChase.
"Sire..." started the squat servant, a family man drafted to hand serve the Count, doubled over to the floor before DaChase's self-ordered throne; where he sat being attended to by his doctor's. "The chamber maids sent for her as requested but found no trace of her. They found only an empty room. Her balcony doors were flung open and the furniture soiled and turned over."
DaChase showed a mild hesitance and annoyance to his daughter's disappearance. Coldness and bitterness overtook him. He finally let loose of the anger that had been building inside him. Standing from his throne, he pushed the doctor's attending to him away and his servant got a full view of DaChase. Where his right eye once was now had in place a golden ball with gold running along the lines of the scar that was left when Wake cut up DaChase's face. DaChase now had an unblinking, shining golden eye with what could be mistaken for golden roots springing forth from it. The servant was in awe and horror at the same time as he stared at his Count. DaChase moved like air to the servant and ripped out both his windpipe and genitals; showing them to him as the servant fell dead. The Count had also had his hands augmented into golden razor tipped claws. Dropping the servant's parts on the floor and flinging dripping blood across the throne room floor, DaChase admired his new power...looking to the doctors who smiled in approval he ordered them to clean the mess and sat back down on his throne.
"Bring me the See-er and the old Warlock. I need to know the where about of my attackers...and now my daughter."

Ebon exploded out of the forest trying desperately to keep up with Wake's pace and stopped short at what he saw awaiting him. He had been prepped and trained for this since childhood. Memories of blood, sweat, and pain...ever hurting, excruciating, crippling pain experienced during his training all came flooding back to him at once. Ebon remembered Wake talking to him about this moment as he prepared Ebon during his lessons. That this is what was waiting for him at the end. Not the assassination of the Prince, not ruling a kingdom, but this; the test of survival. Ebon looked at Wake now standing before him. Wake was as stoic as ever as he faced Ebon. He said nothing as Ebon approached him. Ebon's body tensed, his senses heightened, ready to act at any movement. Behind Wake awaited the Steridian Forest and further yet behind them, the Azurine Cliffs. Nobody from Tribeca ever dared to travel to either. Those who did were found in pieces around the borders of the land. Body parts hanging from branches or nailed to trees or bloodying the drinking water. It was rumored that crazed bands of men roamed these forests and cliffs located at the edge of the land. Murderers, rapists, and do-ers of any other imaginable action one can take offense to all lived in the forests and cliffs. It was also believed that there was something else in there, otherworldly beasts and grotesque magic-women that none would touch and feared to look at. The kind that could kill you with their bare hands or the wicked mysticism at their command. Then there was the lonely king who lived on the cliffs overlooking the Sea. This king though was not a man of natural forbearance. This King commanded no Army nor had need for one. He could best most armies alone. None survived that could describe what the King looked like. None had lived after making his one. He alone had bested the King in battle and escaped his clutches to survive and live on. He did not come away unscathed though. He had lost the use of his eyes...
"Wake?" Ebon asked, not taking his eyes off the borders to these unfriendly lands they were now in all while approaching his teacher.
"Why are we here? You told me that you would take me to my mother. I refuse to believe she is somewhere in these lands."
"No. She isn't. But I cannot deliver you to her or tell you of her whereabouts until you finish your training. You will need it in order to survive the journey to find her."
Ebon felt a feeling of hopelessness and frustration overtake him. First DaChase and now Wake? Was everybody going to 'require' something from him in order for him to learn what was his right to know in the first place? The truth of his parentage?.
"I cannot believe this! You also ask of me in selfishness to do something for you? YOU!? Of all people!? How will I ever find my mother or know her if I die during this training?"
"Then do not die. I ask nothing of you. This is something you must do. I have taught you all that I can. The rest is up to you. All you have to do is survive...for 3 days. That's as long as it will take you to travel from the forests to the cliffs. After that, the sea will await you. It will be there that I will be also be waiting for you and we will set sail to your mother's lands. You must do this. You have committed to do this and trained for it since you were a child. Finish it! Trust nothing and no soul inside these lands. Move with haste and exercise extreme caution."
As Wake instructed him, Ebon fought back his frustrations and regained his focus. He did not fear this place and knew he could handle anything or any adversary that he would come across. His frustrations were more because of his impatience. He had waited so long to know of his mother and to have this information so closely within grasp and snatched away twice now caused anger to grow within him. Still he listened intently to Wake's instructions.
"Trust your training and do not shy from exploring your mystic abilities. You will need them. I will gather everything we need for our journey while you complete this task. If you do not complete it and die...I will mourn you and avenge you. I will also find your mother and tell her of you. So that she may know of how you lived and how you died. But don't die. It will anger me to no end to know that I have waited in vain. I leave you no weapons or supplies. Find them on your own...and you will have plenty of opportunity to do so. Sleep light or risk not waking. Stay clear of the Castle on the cliffs. He lives there and he is not your battle. Also...traveling this path eliminates any chance of being followed. DaChase has no man in his army willing to travel Steridian nor Azurine. Now go."
Without word nor Goodbye, Ebon leaped forth into the trees of Sheridian. No man, beast, witch, or magic would keep him from his quest. He welcomed this challenge. Completing it would bring him one step closer to his mother.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tribeca: Part 3

"Feria" a voice called out from the blinding whiteness. Feria stirred. She blinked her eyes repeatedly trying to focus them. She realized that wherever she was, it was a room or place of nothingness. All white is what she saw for as far as she could see. Distance and depth perception failed her. For all she knew she was floating on air.
Rubbing her head, Feria felt the exact spot that she was hit. It did not hurt but there was something now there. She fingered the formation now embedded into her skull but could not make out what it was. She tried pulling on it but it did not budge. Feria felt around to the back of her head and found that there was the same formation on the back of her head as well. It was as if whatever hit her went straight through. Feria's long beautiful hair hid the mark on the back of her head, however, panic gripped her. Feria got to her feet or what she believed to be a standing position, and looked around again. Still nothingness greeted her.
"Fear not, child of DaChase. No harm will come to you here." Feria tried to follow the voice but could not. She felt a pulsating on her head and realized that the voice she was hearing was coming from the object, but talking to her from within.
"Where am I?" Feria questioned. "Am I dead?"
"You are neither here nor there, alive or dead. You are where you are." Feria slumped back down to what she believed to be the ground...being as she was now in a sitting position.
"Why was I brought here? I have to get home. My father has been wounded and we have traitors to hunt down." Feria sounded defiant and put on a brave front. But there was still much to question of the events that had recently transpired. She still did not fully believe the accounts of her father but his injuries were undeniable. Attacking or harming royalty met with severe and terminal consequences.
"Worry not about your father. For he is being well attended to. More important matters must be discussed, starting with why you were chosen to be the Avatar of the Sky." Feria's jaw dropped and eyes opened wider. Her body froze. This was something that once came to her in dreams but not since childhood. She felt her body begin moving beyond her control. The being that possessed her was standing her upright, no; she felt free of gravity as if she were flying...or hovering. Feria's hair flowed and rose as if each strand were being pulled upwards by attached puppet strings.
"Come. We haven't much time." And with that there was a brilliant flash and the whiteness faded away to reveal Feria's bed quarters and her balcony door still open, wind and rain blowing in and soiling the expensive rugs and furniture just within the entrance to the balcony. Feria however was nowhere in sight.

Wake moved as if he could sense exactly where it was he was going. Ebon guessed that Wake did know infact where he was going and how to get there. They were moving at a breakneck speed. Jumping through trees and running along the underbrush. Neither made a sound as they moved. The years of stealth training had paid off. Wake had still not told Ebon who his mother was nor her whereabouts. He did tell Ebon that before he divulged that information to him that there was a final training that he must complete; one that he may not survive but in order to complete the journey lay before him, he must. It was to that training site that they were headed now.
They had not much time as DaChase's forces would soon be after them in full battalion; but Wake was adamant in Ebon completing this task. Wanting to find his mother and learn his heritage as well as agreeing to complete the task out of respect and love for Wake, Ebon prepared himself for the unimaginable. Wake had disappeared into the darkness of the forest. Ebon followed closely behind.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Erotic Writing: One Night

Image provided from Belasco's blog

Taking a brief break from Tribeca( don't worry, I have more to bring you from that wondrous land)
Just thought i would post a short erotica post I did awhile back. Njoy!

One Night

Quentez sat there in the darkened room. In his chair. In front of the window, alone. A half empty bottle of Cognac sat at his feet. Light jazz music from the stereo in the corner filled the room. A beautifully decorated table of untouched food sat in the dining room. There were place settings for two. Quentez slouched down into the chair, shirt open with his right hand digging into his crotch as if he was looking for gold, his eyes began to water. He had been stood up. Again. It was to be a night of passionate kisses, subtle caresses and loving embraces. Instead he got a phone message talking of delayed flights and misdirections. It was now 3 a.m. and he was still alone. The last call was at 7 p.m. To his dispare the room grew colder, the lights even dimmer. His studio apartment had never seemed so large and empty.

Eyes heavy, Quentez's head fell forward towards his chest, sleep overtaking him. A silent rainfall began to fall outside, causing mist to drift up into the night. The front door started moving as if someone was undoing the lock. Quentez heard the rumbling but did not move. He didn't know whether he just did not care, was too tired to move or inable, maybe all three, to bother with who was coming into his space. The door opened. A shadow crept into the room. After a moment of nothing but silence, Quentez heard footsteps, steadily crossing the room getting closer to him. His large frame did not stir. He just sat and waited and listened. The shadow stopped directly behind him. He felt heavy breath fall on his neck making his hairs stand on end. An arm reached from behind him in an embrace. The arm came across his shoulder with the hand landing on his soft chest. Fingers touching exposed nipple. Another arm came across Quentez, sliding into his pants. Buttons came undone and Quentez felt his nature rising. The shadow came around to stand infront of him.

In the light of the moon a silhouette stood infront of Quentez. Another large framed man, brown in skin, nude like birth. Hands outstretched reaching for him, Quentez grabbed them. Lifted from his chair he was pulled into a long embrace. A hushed whisper blew into his ear.

"I'm sorry"

Quentez fell against this shadow, his man. Kisses to his neck, grabbing of his flesh. Somehow they wound up on the bed. His chest was enveloped into the man's mouth, gentle biting and licking. His sex rose up against the shadow's body in approval. A hand grabbed the sex, stroking it gently and incessantly. Each caress brought Quentez back to sobriety and into pleasure. Suddenly his thighs were lifted into the air and a rough push of hard manhood inserted inside him. Pain and pleasure rolled into one hit Quentez like a bucking bull. But he was determined to ride. Matching each thrust the two became one. Sweat clouding vision, touches and loud panting, rhythmic movement building and building faster and harder until a final release flooding the both of them. The man collapsed onto Quentez's wet belly in exhaustion. Falling into sleep Quentez kissed his partner's lips.

"I hate it when you're late"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tribeca: Part 2

Feria stood on the balcony of her bed chamber. The wind blowing her long curly black hair violently as she stared off into the horizon. Her heart raced as she tried to make sense of the last couple of hours. Her otherworldly beauty failed to be challenged by the worry in her heart. Her husband to be, Ebon, had run off to an unknown destination rather than wed her and rule over the land of Tribeca. He had taken with him Wake, his trainer in mysticism and lethal arts as well as Feria's unreturned and unacknowledged love.

Together, Ebon and Wake had caused great embarrassment and humiliation to her family by beating and stripping her father, the Count DaChase, of all his royal garments and adornments down to his nude flesh and binding him to a tree. Adding insult to injury his right eye was cut out. A royal scout had discovered the Count while making his hourly patrol of the outer borders of the Count's lands. Feria knew that there was much more to the story behind these events than that which was revealed to her. She tried to withhold judgment on Ebon and Wake, but an anger and bitterness unexplained to her had started to take control over her very being. Her heart bled that Wake was no longer around for her to admire from afar. Ebon, her best friend, had abandoned her. She would have made him a good wife. The wind continued to blow hard as the sky turned a dark bluish. A storm was coming.

The wondrous land of Tribeca fell under dark clouds. Feria watched the servants of the land quickly try and finish their tasks and duties before the terrible rain would wash away all their hard work. It was not a gradual downpour. The rain fell fast and hard as if it were a dark shroud. Feria did not flinch. She enjoyed the wetness of it all. It somehow made her feel more sensual, more in touch with her femininity. Grabbing hold of the balcony railing she leaned her form backwards as if she were baptizing herself. She looked straight up into the sky as the shimmery droplets of water rushed down onto her. Too late she saw it as it fell towards her. Among the wet rain a tiny brilliant form of light and gold and silver descended at lightning speed towards the Countess. Before she could scream or shield herself, Feria was struck in the center of her head. Her motionless form crumbled to the balcony floor. The rain fell harder as the storm began to rage.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tribeca: Part 1

It was as if all motion had ceased. The forest seemed to give way as the shadow moved through. Running at breakneck speeds. He had to get away. was not where he was supposed to be. Ebon had to escape. His marriage to Feria was not of his choosing nor was it his intention to see it through. Feria was a beautiful woman, any man would be happy to have her. Not just happy, but fortunate. She was the daughter of Count DaChase, a man known for being the wealthiest in the land, also the cruelest. Those known to ever cross him or get in his bad graces either came up missing, maimed or murdered. Entire families wiped out and property burned or taken if deemed valuable by the Count. Ebon from birth had been arranged to marry Feria. Ebon was the bastard son of the Prince Koa, who could not bear children with his own wife, Queen Rideas. Prince Koa fell inlove and sired Ebon with a foreign beauty who had mysteriously come their lands. This woman, unnamed and desperate was given shelter by DaChase, who upon discovering the unborn child's sire hatched a scheme that would one day get him to the throne.

It all would have been perfect...had Ebon cooperated. He loved Feria, having grown up with her, she became more a sister to him throughout all of their adventures of youth. Feria had actually developed a crush on Ebon's trainer, Wake, A blind assassin with gifts in mystic arts. He was to train Ebon in combat and sorcery so that when of age, Ebon would overthrow the Prince and his Queen and rightfully take his place as ruler, bringing along DaChase of course as his advisor and Feria as his bride and Queen.
On this night, the eve of Ebon and Feria's union; Ebon could stand it no more. His feelings for Feria were not of man and wife. He had no such feelings for any woman in the Count's court. His mother had abandoned him as a child, opting to return to her lands. Ebon learned from Wake that only DaChase knew of his mother's lands and more importantly, her name. DaChase actually had this information available to Ebon, and would divulge it to him only upon his marriage to Feria. He also gave Ebon another option, to come to him and begin a secret affair unknown to all. That way he would teach Ebon all he needed to know about the workings of the government and the inner secrets of the royal family, in addition to revealing Ebon's mother's whereabouts.

Ebon always looked up to DaChase as something of a surrogate father. Now, at 17, he was confused as to his feelings for this man he knew as father. An unnatural attraction was there and Ebon also needed to learn of his heritage. His dark skin always made him an outsider to those in the community. The only ones who treated him as if he belonged were Feria, DaChase, and Wake, whom was blind and Ebon believed could not have known anyways. Ebon agreed to meet DaChase on this night. He did not divulge his plan to anyone of running off with this information after doing as DaChase needed.
Ebon neared a clearing in the forest beyond the Count's borders. It was the meeting place as instructed by DaChase. From his perch in the trees he saw nobody awaiting him. Dropping into the clearing, a circular formation of soft green grass illuminated by moonlight yet swathed in shadow, he continued to look around. Nothingness and darkness greeted him. Suddenly, from the night, a voice greeted him.

"Remove your clothes." Ebon did as he was told. Once fully naked, he turned to see a figure moving from the trees towards him. Ebon tensed up. He strained his eyes as to make out the figure of DaChase but only a saw a figure which he determined to be male. The stranger finally stepped into the moonlight of the clearing. It was not DaChase. It was Wake, his trainer, mentor...and lover. He stood there also naked except for his blindfold. Ebon was dumbfounded.
"Wake...what are you doing here? You must leave before..."
"So your need to know your mother is intense enough for you to stray from me and give yourself to" Wake's voice was hurt and angry as he interrupted. Ebon wanted to approach him but decided to hold back.
"You don't understand. I was not going to be his. I only needed to do what I had to in order to learn the information of my mother's whereabouts and her name. I was not to stay. I intended to leave after he told me.."
"And you figured it to be the truth? Why exactly would he divulge anything at all to you, especially the truth? He needs you in order for his plan to come to fruition. He would had taken carnal pleasure of you and had you start an unending affair with the promise of telling you your history. All this, while you are wedded to his daughter." Wake moved towards Ebon. Ebon always questioned whether or not Wake was truly blind. He moved as if he had sight.
"How do you know this?" Ebon questioned.
"I intercepted your would be suitor on his way here tonight. Through...convincing, I got DaChase to reveal his intentions. I also learned who and where your mother is." Ebon's heart jumped. He ran to Wake and embraced him.
"This is truly wonderous! Tell me! Who is my mother and where is she?"
"I will, not now though. We must leave. DaChase will surely hunt us down for betraying him. It is not safe for us here anymore." Ebon tightened his hold on his mentor's red skin. Wake was also a foreigner to these lands. Ebon felt a response to his hold on Wake. Wake started to move into Ebon but quickly withdrew.
"There is no time...we must go." Ebon took hold of Wake's hand, pulling him back.
"What did you do with him? Where is he?" Ebon questioned, looking inquisitively into Wake emotionless face.
"Tied and bound to a tree just outside the clearing. His mouth is gagged. Come we must go. He watches us even now." Wake motioned to leave but Ebon held him back once more.
"As much as I have longed to find my mother...right with you. You risked your life to get for me what I could never get myself. You stopped me from making a terrible mistake. I ask your forgiveness for betraying you. But right now, we have time. The Count's men won't find him or even go looking for him until morning. By then we will be long since left this land of Tribeca."

Wake moved back into Ebon. Their naked bodies becoming one as the two embraced and kissed each other. Wake motioned Ebon to the ground as Ebon lie on his back. Wake moved between Ebon's dark thighs. The moonlight made Ebon's body appear to glisten in the night. Wake's own red skin seemed to glow from the heat within him. As they made love they both knew that they had gone too far to turn back. They would be hunted forever for crossing Count DaChase. Feria too would feel slighted as both the man she was to marry and the one she loved ran off together, rejecting her. Wake was also unsure if infact the information he had cut out of the Count was true. Wake could usually sense when one was lying but DaChase was a man that he couldn't read. He and Ebon would find out together though as he lost himself in Ebon's darkness. Count DaChase watched the two lovers from the shadow. Lust and anger burned in his eyes. He bled heavily from the right eye socket where Wake extracted the truth about Ebon's mother. The eye lay on the ground looking directly up at him. Revenge would be his for the taking.

I cannot believe I have created this thing

So here I am...finally on the blog scene however I am no blogger. After trolling the blogs of my favorite artists' blogs daily..begging for updates, I figured that I should bring something to the table as well. having the artistic ability of an elliptic 3yr old that suffers from ADD with occasional outbursts of turrets I realized that my strength lay in the written word.

So here is what I am gonna do. I am gonna resurrect an old serial adventure I wrote back on Yahoo 360. I hope you all enjoy it but i'ts more of an experiment for myself to actually commit to my writing and stay writing...we'll see how it goes.