Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tribeca: Part 5

The forest of Steridian was not a place any sane man or woman would go. It was a place where life was worthless. Anyone who entered its thick underbrush knew with all certainty that they would not leave unscathed if even at all. It was a wood of wildmen. Men who roamed the forest and its borders killing and pillaging nearby residents of Tribeca. Raping man, woman and child, it mattered not to them. They were outcasts, people who DaChase and the Counts before him deemed unfit for civilized society, so they were cast out into the wilderness to fend for themselves usually from childhood.

None of this mattered to Ebon. He sat content on a pile of bodies cleaning his newly acquired weapons. Around him nude bodies of men lay sprawled across the forest floor. Only moments before Ebon had dropped into an orgy of flesh as this roving group of men and women were fighting amongst themselves over a freshly killed boar. Ebon sat and watched from his perch in the trees over the crazed people patiently waiting. The fighting turned from violence to groping as men started grappling and wrestling body after body to the ground. Excited men and women started intermingling, biting and tearing at each other in ecstatic delight. Ebon's stomach growled slightly as he had not eaten in days. Silently dropping into the middle of the pile of human flesh Ebon grabbed pieces of the boar to eat. It was then that he was noticed. He cursed himself for being careless as he was quickly surrounded by men in crazed aroused states. Throbbing erections greeted him as well as excited women who pawed at him. Finally the mob moved for him. Ebon danced through the men and women as they reached and clawed for him, starving for his dark skin to pull him into their orgasmic pit and then tear him limb from limb. None touched him as he twirled away from and ducked their advances.

In frustration the men picked up their weapons and began to hack and slash at Ebon, who still dodged every blow, never retaliating or swinging back in response. Blood and body parts flew everywhere as the men and women started hitting and attacking themselves, falling in unfulfilled lust and anger until the last man stood, bleeding heavily from several wounds to his torso and head. Ebon sat beside the boar and grabbing a knife from a fallen wildman began carving what he needed from it. The last man fell dead behind him. As Ebon cleaned the knife he checked off his list finding food and weapons and began to prepare for what would come next in these woods.