Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tribeca: Part 6

The beauty of the lands of Tribeca were illuminated by the bright light of the full moon that hovered patiently over it. It was as if the moon were stalling time, trying to hold off the violence that the new day would bring. DaChase stood silently on his daughter's balcony. Watching over his lands, peering even further off into the direction of the Steridian Forests and the Azurine cliffs beyond them; out into the distant sea. Alot had transpired in the night before, scarring his body with injuries, but he was unconcerned about his wounds, grateful for them even; because now, with the help of his surgeons he had improved upon himself. He looked down at his taloned hands, gratings his fingers along the railing of Feria's balcony, sparks flew from the bar as metal hands on metal railing vied for dominance. DaChase's new eye had been enchanted by his warlock, so that it could see a thousand times normal sight. What would look miles and miles away to the human eye DaChase saw so closely he felt as if he could touch it. His new eye also allowed him to see the inner workings of living bodies, so he could tell when he was being lied to or about to be attacked. He would have his revenge on Wake. He cursed himself for ever being foolish enough to trust the outsider.

Wake had appeared one day from out of the Steridian Forest, battered and blinded but still extremely dangerous. He had killed a squadron of DaChase's men who had confronted him and tried to take him into custody. It was not until promises of wealth and peace from battles that Wake finally calmed enough for DaChase to interrogate him thoroughly. He learned that Wake was a wandering mystic who was on his way to offer his services to Prince Koa but had been waylayed by the Steridian forest and the King of the Azurine cliffs. DaChase offered Wake a position with him instead, telling him that Koa's bastard son was in his charge and that he needed a trainer, of both mysticism and the stealth arts. Wake agreed to take the position. A bit too quickly DaChase now thought.

He turned from the balcony and re-entered Feria's room, looking around it and seeing images of his daughter on her bed and at her vanity, brushing her hair or writing letters. He shook the visions away, they were replaced by a woman entering into Feria's bed chamber escorted by two of his guards; she was stunning in beauty with long crimson hair and amber skin, dressed in rags but still holding herself with great pride.
"Ah, Simona. You have made it. Thank you for coming. I need your help. My daughter is missing and I need for you to locate some traitors for me." The woman smiled an evil grin as she bent over in service.

"As you wish my lord." Simona was the see-er that DaChase had ordered. Her appearance was deceiving, she took on the form of a young seductress but nobody had ever seen her true appearance, she was rumored to be hundreds of years old, a daughter of demons and dragons forced into DaChase's servitude after he had discovered her soul, cut it from her and hid it away. She made herself appear young and beautiful to DaChase so that he would not torture and kill her, instead he took a liking to Simona and made her do his biddings with her gifts of foresight and tracking...among other things.

DaChase grew excited in his loins watching the woman but pushed aside such thoughts.
"I need for you to locate Wake and tell me his plans. He will not escape my vengeance. Also, look out for Ebon, he should be with Wake but one can never be too cautious. After you find them I will need you to tell me the whereabouts of my daughter Feria, she disappeared with no trace or notice today. I must know where she is. "
Simona smiled to herself. Her eyes glazed over, rolling into the back of her head until only the whites were visible, they began to glow a yellow-green color.
"Wake prepares to leave these lands as we speak. He gathers supplies as if he were going on a trip...he is near a harbor...."
"Dapers Reef!" DaChase exclaimed. He looked to his guards.
"Ready the men. I want them waiting for Wake when he makes his move." The guards nodded and hurriedly left the room. Simona drew back upright, her breasts fell out from the rags. DaChase's mouth watered. She continued.
"...the boy Ebon is in the midst of great danger. He wanders Steridian Forest. He is armed but the bands of wild men he has encountered are only small threats. There are more powerful enemies to be met."
DaChase drew silent. Ebon was not to be harmed. His plan must come to be and Ebon was the key piece. Wake was a fool to send him into Steridian alone. He wasn't ready. He turned back to the balcony.
'Well, warlock, you heard her. Ebon is alone in the Steridian Forests. I will not have him harmed..too badly. Fetch him for me. Kill any who threaten him."
A shadow that had gone unnoticed by DaChase's men but not Simona appeared in the doorway of the balcony. A broad cloaked figure bowed to Da Chase then leaped over the railing, vanishing into the dark night's silence, appearing to become one with the moon's rays. Simona then began to convulse and shake and scream....DaChase turned back to her and watched her curiously as she tore off her rags and flung herself onto Feria's bed in the center of the room where she continued to flail.

"Feria is lost. Only she can reveal her true whereabouts...they have her." Simona exhaled, her voice not her own. DaChase continued to watch the woman, his body responding to the nude flesh of her breasts, the inviting curves of her thighs. He approached the bed. He had an angered look but with a thought it passed...After a few more moments Simona lay still. DaChase disrobed and climbed on top of her, aligning his now fully awoke erection with her wet wildness. Simona did not acknowledge him nor did she fight him, still lost in her own visions. Her eyes still glowed their greenish hue. DaChase rammed himself into her, causing her to gasp.
"If Feria is lost...then we must make another."


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Hurry up and finish...

johnnytmalice said...

Hum, Simona & the Count's baby would be quite alarming, I would think! I enjoyed the Count's golden modifications. I know he needs Ebon alive, but he seemed a bit forgiving of Ebon & Wake for not only getting intimate but gouging out one of his eyes to boot...

Johnny G