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Wonder Woman

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Tribeca: Chapter 11

Aardol flew fast and hard into the blinding light of Dawn's early rays. Ebon lay on the man-creature's back, life returning to him but still very weak. Opening his eyes, Ebon saw the very strong back of a man but sat upon the body of a winged horse. Realizing his charge had awakened, Aardol slowed his pace to reduce the alarm of the boy.
"Greetings Child of Koa, I am sent by your father to find you, for he has need of you." Ebon became alert at the mention of Koa's that he had become accustomed to despising. Ebon knew that he was not on the ground, the creature carrying him was flying, yet he could not tell exactly how high. He did not trust this creature nor wanted to travel with it to see the man who abandoned he and his mother so long ago. Looking below them, Ebon saw an embankment of trees and rocks on a hill, rising above the plains around it. He figured it too far to jump, yet eyed it cautiously as he engaged the man beast in conversation.
"What are you, creature? Many thanks for your aid but I do not wish to accompany you any further."
Aardol laughed. "We are many lengths in the sky. I fear you have no choice but to enjoy the ride. I am Aardol, Avatar of the Earth and of allegiance to your father, King Koa,"
Ebon had heard of the Avatars; beings chosen to harness and wield nature itself. There were always only two in existence at any given time, one of the land and one of the air and they were always at odds with the other. Though they held incredible power, they were mortal and could be killed, though with great difficulty. Aardol continued, "There is much I must tell you of Koa and how he intends..”
Before Aardol could finish his sentence a barrage of spiked objects flew from the treetops of the hill on the plains, piercing, lodging and tearing holes in his mighty wings and lodging themselves in his hide. Aardol screamed in Aguish, rearing up and Ebon all but held on to his tail to keep from falling. Looking down into the direction of the attack, Ebon saw a figure using the trees as a slingshot to launch himself airborne. DaChase’s warlock had followed the direction of Aardol and Ebon and had outpaced them to greet them from an opportune attacking point. Airborne, the warlock launched spiked chains at Aardol that bound his wings and legs. Aardol fell from the sky, with Ebon clinging to him. The warlock, though having had to use other means to launch himself skyward, did not appear to be falling however but walking on air. He moved towards the falling creature, running it through with two long knives through Aardol’s abdomen and neck. The warlock grabbed Ebon, who was still too weakened to fight back, by his collar and the two watched as Aardol crashed into the trees below them.
Ebon did know this creature, this warlock of DaChase, once a man, now a voiceless shadow trained to be an assassin and spy; was one that he had to escape from. Those too long in the presence of the warlock began to fade to shadow themselves. The warlock fed on people, draining their life energies from their bodies to be filled with empty space, to become eventual puppets, death denied to them. They became neither living nor dead, but could be commanded by DaChase with his enchantment of servitude that he cast upon all of his warlock’s victims. Ebon looked again to where Aardol fell. He judged the distance survivable and slipped from his garment that the warlock held him by. Ebon nosedived from the sky towards the trees. The warlock hissed as it began to move to catch him.

The tall witch waited with her horde outside of the castle home of The King of the Azurine Cliffs. She had led DaChase there with his band when he had presented to her the corpse of Wake, the only man who had ever survived combat with her King. She and her sisters and begun to prepare Wake’s body to be burned in offering to her King. As they prepared the pyre, a loud deep laughter could be heard coming from within the castle. DaChase met with and discussed an alliance with the King of the Cliffs and Steridian forest in a contest with King Koa over the rule of Tribeca. The conversation was going well. As the fire was lit, the smoke traveled to Wake’s body, making his nose twitch as he effortlessly undid the ropes that were tied around his once though dead form.

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RDot..the Toon!?!?

Ok So i have been away for a long ass time. Lets just call it..schoollackofmotivation-itus...But I am now a long anticipated graduate and am now free to return to the story of the meantime I have been tooned by one of my favorite gay erotic artists...J. Rice aka Chubtoons!! His blog is so please do go and check him out! My boo says that it looks nothing like me but I am ecstatic nonetheless....and here I am..lookin oh so damn sexxified, J. Rice-style

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A lil Somethin Somethin

First off I would like to thank all of my regular readers of Tribeca for keeping me going...your comments really do add fuel to my fire for that story....I promise to post more on it.

But I just thought that I would share with you guys the cover to the book I will be featured in.

Flesh to Flesh, edited by Lee Hayes and brought to us all by wunderkund porn writer extraordinaire, Zane

Well the book comes out May 20th I believe...GO RESERVE YOUR COPY OR PRE-ORDER IT ON AMAZON!!

Look for my stories...written under pseudonyms

Cuts 'N' Fades
Blow the Horn

here is the description as provided from the Strebor Books website:


From award-winning author Lee Hayes -- an erotic exploration into the lives of African-American gay men and their desires for love and acceptance.

Unapologetically raw in its approach to the sexual lives and happenings of African-American gay men, Flesh to Flesh is a gritty, pulsing view into a demographic that is often demonized and condemned. These stories provide a rare, true revelation of how gay men are faring in an age where sensuality is a major factor in everyday media and consciousness.

What do gay men feel about life, love, relationships, and intimacy? For anyone who has wondered about the passion between two men, this explosive, sexually charged anthology peels back the layers to show what lies beneath modern stereotypes and homophobia.

With contributors such as Lee Hayes (Passion Marks, A Deeper Blue and The Messiah), L.M. Ross (Manhood and The Long Blue Moan), and Dayne Avery (I Wrote This Song), the stories in Flesh to Flesh reveal deep emotions and a powerful commitment to life and love.

Product Details

Strebor Books, May 2008
Trade Paperback, 336 pages
ISBN-10: 1-59309-164-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-59309-164-4

alrighty then...back to our regularly scheduled serial erotic adventure blogging

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Tribeca: Part 6

The beauty of the lands of Tribeca were illuminated by the bright light of the full moon that hovered patiently over it. It was as if the moon were stalling time, trying to hold off the violence that the new day would bring. DaChase stood silently on his daughter's balcony. Watching over his lands, peering even further off into the direction of the Steridian Forests and the Azurine cliffs beyond them; out into the distant sea. Alot had transpired in the night before, scarring his body with injuries, but he was unconcerned about his wounds, grateful for them even; because now, with the help of his surgeons he had improved upon himself. He looked down at his taloned hands, gratings his fingers along the railing of Feria's balcony, sparks flew from the bar as metal hands on metal railing vied for dominance. DaChase's new eye had been enchanted by his warlock, so that it could see a thousand times normal sight. What would look miles and miles away to the human eye DaChase saw so closely he felt as if he could touch it. His new eye also allowed him to see the inner workings of living bodies, so he could tell when he was being lied to or about to be attacked. He would have his revenge on Wake. He cursed himself for ever being foolish enough to trust the outsider.

Wake had appeared one day from out of the Steridian Forest, battered and blinded but still extremely dangerous. He had killed a squadron of DaChase's men who had confronted him and tried to take him into custody. It was not until promises of wealth and peace from battles that Wake finally calmed enough for DaChase to interrogate him thoroughly. He learned that Wake was a wandering mystic who was on his way to offer his services to Prince Koa but had been waylayed by the Steridian forest and the King of the Azurine cliffs. DaChase offered Wake a position with him instead, telling him that Koa's bastard son was in his charge and that he needed a trainer, of both mysticism and the stealth arts. Wake agreed to take the position. A bit too quickly DaChase now thought.

He turned from the balcony and re-entered Feria's room, looking around it and seeing images of his daughter on her bed and at her vanity, brushing her hair or writing letters. He shook the visions away, they were replaced by a woman entering into Feria's bed chamber escorted by two of his guards; she was stunning in beauty with long crimson hair and amber skin, dressed in rags but still holding herself with great pride.
"Ah, Simona. You have made it. Thank you for coming. I need your help. My daughter is missing and I need for you to locate some traitors for me." The woman smiled an evil grin as she bent over in service.

"As you wish my lord." Simona was the see-er that DaChase had ordered. Her appearance was deceiving, she took on the form of a young seductress but nobody had ever seen her true appearance, she was rumored to be hundreds of years old, a daughter of demons and dragons forced into DaChase's servitude after he had discovered her soul, cut it from her and hid it away. She made herself appear young and beautiful to DaChase so that he would not torture and kill her, instead he took a liking to Simona and made her do his biddings with her gifts of foresight and tracking...among other things.

DaChase grew excited in his loins watching the woman but pushed aside such thoughts.
"I need for you to locate Wake and tell me his plans. He will not escape my vengeance. Also, look out for Ebon, he should be with Wake but one can never be too cautious. After you find them I will need you to tell me the whereabouts of my daughter Feria, she disappeared with no trace or notice today. I must know where she is. "
Simona smiled to herself. Her eyes glazed over, rolling into the back of her head until only the whites were visible, they began to glow a yellow-green color.
"Wake prepares to leave these lands as we speak. He gathers supplies as if he were going on a trip...he is near a harbor...."
"Dapers Reef!" DaChase exclaimed. He looked to his guards.
"Ready the men. I want them waiting for Wake when he makes his move." The guards nodded and hurriedly left the room. Simona drew back upright, her breasts fell out from the rags. DaChase's mouth watered. She continued.
"...the boy Ebon is in the midst of great danger. He wanders Steridian Forest. He is armed but the bands of wild men he has encountered are only small threats. There are more powerful enemies to be met."
DaChase drew silent. Ebon was not to be harmed. His plan must come to be and Ebon was the key piece. Wake was a fool to send him into Steridian alone. He wasn't ready. He turned back to the balcony.
'Well, warlock, you heard her. Ebon is alone in the Steridian Forests. I will not have him harmed..too badly. Fetch him for me. Kill any who threaten him."
A shadow that had gone unnoticed by DaChase's men but not Simona appeared in the doorway of the balcony. A broad cloaked figure bowed to Da Chase then leaped over the railing, vanishing into the dark night's silence, appearing to become one with the moon's rays. Simona then began to convulse and shake and scream....DaChase turned back to her and watched her curiously as she tore off her rags and flung herself onto Feria's bed in the center of the room where she continued to flail.

"Feria is lost. Only she can reveal her true whereabouts...they have her." Simona exhaled, her voice not her own. DaChase continued to watch the woman, his body responding to the nude flesh of her breasts, the inviting curves of her thighs. He approached the bed. He had an angered look but with a thought it passed...After a few more moments Simona lay still. DaChase disrobed and climbed on top of her, aligning his now fully awoke erection with her wet wildness. Simona did not acknowledge him nor did she fight him, still lost in her own visions. Her eyes still glowed their greenish hue. DaChase rammed himself into her, causing her to gasp.
"If Feria is lost...then we must make another."

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Tribeca: Part 5

The forest of Steridian was not a place any sane man or woman would go. It was a place where life was worthless. Anyone who entered its thick underbrush knew with all certainty that they would not leave unscathed if even at all. It was a wood of wildmen. Men who roamed the forest and its borders killing and pillaging nearby residents of Tribeca. Raping man, woman and child, it mattered not to them. They were outcasts, people who DaChase and the Counts before him deemed unfit for civilized society, so they were cast out into the wilderness to fend for themselves usually from childhood.

None of this mattered to Ebon. He sat content on a pile of bodies cleaning his newly acquired weapons. Around him nude bodies of men lay sprawled across the forest floor. Only moments before Ebon had dropped into an orgy of flesh as this roving group of men and women were fighting amongst themselves over a freshly killed boar. Ebon sat and watched from his perch in the trees over the crazed people patiently waiting. The fighting turned from violence to groping as men started grappling and wrestling body after body to the ground. Excited men and women started intermingling, biting and tearing at each other in ecstatic delight. Ebon's stomach growled slightly as he had not eaten in days. Silently dropping into the middle of the pile of human flesh Ebon grabbed pieces of the boar to eat. It was then that he was noticed. He cursed himself for being careless as he was quickly surrounded by men in crazed aroused states. Throbbing erections greeted him as well as excited women who pawed at him. Finally the mob moved for him. Ebon danced through the men and women as they reached and clawed for him, starving for his dark skin to pull him into their orgasmic pit and then tear him limb from limb. None touched him as he twirled away from and ducked their advances.

In frustration the men picked up their weapons and began to hack and slash at Ebon, who still dodged every blow, never retaliating or swinging back in response. Blood and body parts flew everywhere as the men and women started hitting and attacking themselves, falling in unfulfilled lust and anger until the last man stood, bleeding heavily from several wounds to his torso and head. Ebon sat beside the boar and grabbing a knife from a fallen wildman began carving what he needed from it. The last man fell dead behind him. As Ebon cleaned the knife he checked off his list finding food and weapons and began to prepare for what would come next in these woods.