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Wonder Woman

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Tribeca: Chapter 11

Aardol flew fast and hard into the blinding light of Dawn's early rays. Ebon lay on the man-creature's back, life returning to him but still very weak. Opening his eyes, Ebon saw the very strong back of a man but sat upon the body of a winged horse. Realizing his charge had awakened, Aardol slowed his pace to reduce the alarm of the boy.
"Greetings Child of Koa, I am sent by your father to find you, for he has need of you." Ebon became alert at the mention of Koa's that he had become accustomed to despising. Ebon knew that he was not on the ground, the creature carrying him was flying, yet he could not tell exactly how high. He did not trust this creature nor wanted to travel with it to see the man who abandoned he and his mother so long ago. Looking below them, Ebon saw an embankment of trees and rocks on a hill, rising above the plains around it. He figured it too far to jump, yet eyed it cautiously as he engaged the man beast in conversation.
"What are you, creature? Many thanks for your aid but I do not wish to accompany you any further."
Aardol laughed. "We are many lengths in the sky. I fear you have no choice but to enjoy the ride. I am Aardol, Avatar of the Earth and of allegiance to your father, King Koa,"
Ebon had heard of the Avatars; beings chosen to harness and wield nature itself. There were always only two in existence at any given time, one of the land and one of the air and they were always at odds with the other. Though they held incredible power, they were mortal and could be killed, though with great difficulty. Aardol continued, "There is much I must tell you of Koa and how he intends..”
Before Aardol could finish his sentence a barrage of spiked objects flew from the treetops of the hill on the plains, piercing, lodging and tearing holes in his mighty wings and lodging themselves in his hide. Aardol screamed in Aguish, rearing up and Ebon all but held on to his tail to keep from falling. Looking down into the direction of the attack, Ebon saw a figure using the trees as a slingshot to launch himself airborne. DaChase’s warlock had followed the direction of Aardol and Ebon and had outpaced them to greet them from an opportune attacking point. Airborne, the warlock launched spiked chains at Aardol that bound his wings and legs. Aardol fell from the sky, with Ebon clinging to him. The warlock, though having had to use other means to launch himself skyward, did not appear to be falling however but walking on air. He moved towards the falling creature, running it through with two long knives through Aardol’s abdomen and neck. The warlock grabbed Ebon, who was still too weakened to fight back, by his collar and the two watched as Aardol crashed into the trees below them.
Ebon did know this creature, this warlock of DaChase, once a man, now a voiceless shadow trained to be an assassin and spy; was one that he had to escape from. Those too long in the presence of the warlock began to fade to shadow themselves. The warlock fed on people, draining their life energies from their bodies to be filled with empty space, to become eventual puppets, death denied to them. They became neither living nor dead, but could be commanded by DaChase with his enchantment of servitude that he cast upon all of his warlock’s victims. Ebon looked again to where Aardol fell. He judged the distance survivable and slipped from his garment that the warlock held him by. Ebon nosedived from the sky towards the trees. The warlock hissed as it began to move to catch him.

The tall witch waited with her horde outside of the castle home of The King of the Azurine Cliffs. She had led DaChase there with his band when he had presented to her the corpse of Wake, the only man who had ever survived combat with her King. She and her sisters and begun to prepare Wake’s body to be burned in offering to her King. As they prepared the pyre, a loud deep laughter could be heard coming from within the castle. DaChase met with and discussed an alliance with the King of the Cliffs and Steridian forest in a contest with King Koa over the rule of Tribeca. The conversation was going well. As the fire was lit, the smoke traveled to Wake’s body, making his nose twitch as he effortlessly undid the ropes that were tied around his once though dead form.

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Tribeca: Part 10

The Steridian Forest, a place of deathly silence and almost impenetrable darkness had become very much alive...and angry. The trees swayed violently back and forth as if they were trying to uproot and move. A wind was on the air that sounded like screams and anguish. DaChase and Simona led their remaining men guardedly and with caution yet with confidence. DaChase smiled to himself. Just who did Wake think he was to attack him and even worse to think he would escape his vengeance? As they were returning to his palace Simona had spoken with DaChase and convinced him that Wake was far too dangerous to risk any chances of keeping alive, that he must be killed and his body completely destroyed.

With Wake now dispatched and Ebon's whereabouts along with his daughter's in question, DaChase realized that his gamut was just about up. If he was to move against King Koa and claim the lands of Tribeca as his own he would have to act now and with extreme haste. But alone, his armies would not stand long against Koa's royal guards, he would have to recruit new soldiers and that would mean an allegiance with the King of the Azurine Cliffs and his hordes of wild men and covens of witches and other underworldly creatures. DaChases's horses reared up in fear as Simona and the rest of his men were suddenly surrounded by witches and men with crazed looked in their eyes who had all but materialized before them. Simona laughed wildly and prepared to attack her assailants but DaChase signaled for her to stay her hand. A tall, angry witch emerged from the trees and walked towards DaChase.

"Surely you are lost to come into this forest, Count." The witch spoke, staring directly into DaChases's eyes. He balked at her.

"Speak not to me witch. I have no interest in keeping audience with the likes of you. I seek conference with your King. Deliver me to him at once." DaChase returned the witch's stare and after a brief test of will, the witch turned away.

'The king does not speak with lowly counts and their minions. Begone before you become our sacrifice to our king. He is not pleased and is not in the best of spirit to entertain anyways. A boy of your land interrupted his tribute earlier this day and even killed some of our sisters. Prior to that he had laid waste to an entire band of the king's hunters. We seek him now." DaChase knew instantly that Ebon was whom the witch spoke of. He grew relieved that the boy was still alive and still moving. He would have him yet. But that would come in time as his warlock would surely be after Ebon and he still had to make his offer to the King of the Cliffs.

"Tell your king that he will grant me council. For I have something that he wants." DaChase commanded. The witched looked on with curiosity.

"Whatever could that be count? You have nothing to offer my king." hissed the head witch, growing annoyed by DaChases's brazenness. DaChase signaled to Simona who before now had been glaring wildly at the surrounding witches, ready to attack at a moment's notice. Now she drug forth a large sack that was tied behind her steed. Cutting it open she flung it's contents to land infront of the tall witch's feet. Wake's still form lay on the ground bruised and bleeding and seemingly dead. The witches laughed in approval. Smugly DaChase ordered the tall witch, "Now, lead the way."

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RDot..the Toon!?!?

Ok So i have been away for a long ass time. Lets just call it..schoollackofmotivation-itus...But I am now a long anticipated graduate and am now free to return to the story of the meantime I have been tooned by one of my favorite gay erotic artists...J. Rice aka Chubtoons!! His blog is so please do go and check him out! My boo says that it looks nothing like me but I am ecstatic nonetheless....and here I am..lookin oh so damn sexxified, J. Rice-style

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Tribeca: Part 9

Ebon fell backwards onto the forest floor, his protection charm failing him. As he fell he saw the witches coming for him with looks of ravenous rage in their eyes. The darkness took him. As the horde of hags rushed in to claim their prize, a ray of bright sunlight penetrated the thick dark forest of Steridian surrounding where Ebon lay and blinding the witches. As they shrieked and shielded themselves from the sun a shower of arrows rained down on them, piercing and puncturing and penetrating the mass of dark magic women.

The arrows, once embedded into the flesh of the women glowed and melted into the wounds, turning the witches to stone or wood. Others would explode on contact sending pieces of flesh and innards all over the forest floor and onto other witches. A mass hysteria mounted within the witches as they struggled to see who was attacking them. From the clouds, now visible by the opening in the trees, came forth a figure in shrouded in light. The tall witch that had attacked and poisoned Ebon leaped out to meet this new creature. She would not be denied her claim. The King never allowed for failure.

The other witches that were not now stone or wood, fled into the darkness of the forest, peering back through the underbrush. The opening of the tree tops closed, allowing for the big witch to regain her focus. In font of her stood a creature of pure grace and beauty. It was all black in appearance. It had the lower body and legs of a horse and the upper torso of a man. Large, angelic wings hung from its horse body. The upper torso was a chiseled body of muscle. White hair sprouted from the creature's barrel chest and ran in a fine line down his abs. His arms were huge and heavily defined like two slabs of granite. The creature had claws for hands, ready to strike. One eye sat in the middle of its face where two usually should be. His lips were full and pout and he had a small puggish nose. Above his eye was a long bejeweled horn protruding from his forehead. The creature had no hair on his head nor did it have an eyebrow or eye lash; two large hoop ear piercings dangled from his ears. A bow too large for a normal man to carry was slung over its shoulders.

After taking in the sight of this beast-man the large witch cast a spell towards him, much like the one she used on Ebon. The creature shielded itself with its wings as the spell visibly bounced off of them. The other remaining witches, regaining composure, came back from the forest to join with the large witch, surrounding the creature, who hovered protectively over Ebon's still form. His eye glowed red for an instant before he spoke.

"Leave here devil women! This boy is protected and no harm shall come upon him from the likes of you." He commanded. The witches laughed as they closed in their circle around the creature and Ebon.

"The King demands his sacrifice! This boy interrupted the ceremony! He must now substitute. Give him to us creature or die!" The large witch answered defiantly.

The creature reared up on its hind legs, as it did so, kicking the air with its front hooves, it summoned a violent gust of force, shredding into molecules three of the witches closing in on it. As it landed the earth shook, causing a split in the ground to open underneath the creature, spreading to two other witches that had tried to sneak up behind it. The earth swallowed them, closing behind them as they fell. A loud squishing sound was heard as sprays of blood shot up from the ground like a fountain mist. The large witch watched in horror at the might and power of the creature who had dispatched five of her lot with no effort.

"Come then, she-devils! Let us end this confrontation! This boy will NOT be harmed!" The creature bellowed as it challenged the remaining witches. The large witch shrieked and fell back into the shadows, as did her sisters.

"You may have him. But this is not over creature! The King is not one to be angered or denied! He will come for his prize himself!" The large witch warned as she fell back in the darkness. The creature looked sternly in her direction.

"Give him my name then, so he knows who to look for. I am Aardol, the Avatar of the Earth!"

Only silence returned the creature's call. He turned to face Ebon and frowned. Ebon was bleeding heavily unto the ground, his blood flowed black, formed a pool around Ebon's still form. Aardol sat back on his hunches and his horse parts became humanoid, as his torso became man-like, his four legs became two, with strong nude thighs forming but retaining their fur from the knees down and hooves for feet. His wings folded into his skin as well as his claws became hands. He retained his one eye and horn though. He reached for and grabbed Ebon's wound with his hands. The black blood began to run red between his fingers as it poured from Ebon. Aardol was cleansing the poison from Ebon's body.

'I must move quickly,' Aardol thought to himself. 'He has lost far too much blood. I must get him to shelter and proper healing, but this should work to stop the bleeding for now.' Aardol knelt over Ebon's limp form which was starting to turn a pale grayish from the blood loss and touched his horn to the wound in Ebon's side. The horn glowed as the wound appeared to heal itself, cauterizing the hole and stopping the bleeding. Ebon moaned slightly as Aardol bent and picked him up. He returned to his horse form and lay Ebon across his back.

"You will not die, child of Koa. Your father has need of you!" Aardol then lifted slowly into the air carrying Ebon away into the sky.

He did not notice the cloaked figure blending into the shadows of the forest watching him the entire time. DaChase's warlock now prepared to follow the creature to its destination.

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Tribeca: Part 8

Ebon's blade had impaled the old hag, yet this witch was not dead. She laughed unnaturally as she hung, pinned to a tree. The blade Ebon had stabbed her with deteriorated before his eyes as the witch pulled herself off of the tree trunk. More laughter from behind Ebon startled him further as the first witch he had defeated broke off the branch he had launched through her skull. She too was now coming for him. Ebon quickly sat cross-legged on the forest floor and made several circular hand gestures while muttering an incantation. A red sphere engulfed him as he sat on the forest floor with his eyes closed. The witches charged the sphere but screamed in agony as they fell back from it, their flesh burning. Ebon had bought himself some time. He had enacted the protection charm, a powerful magic that surrounds its wielder and burns any that try and pass its borders. The spell often left the user drained and depleted of mysticism after it wears off. Ebon would be no different; being a novice in mystic arts still, he knew that he could not hold this enchantment forever or even for much longer. He had to come up with an escape. As he waited more witches came forth from the forest, varying in height and size, some old and haggard others young and haggard, none beautiful, all blood thirsty.

Ebon had disturbed their sacred sacrifice. They were in the middle of offering a young boy to the King in the Cliffs. The boy had been tied to a banquet table and surrounded with foods and raw meats. They had left two younger wiccas to stand guard over the boy. Ebon spied this as he was making his way towards the sea. He was tired, exhausted from the forests, as the men and creatures within it had drained him, challenging his every step. The boy was screaming and crying as Ebon passed. Without thinking he rushed the two Wiccas. The young witches were not prepared for him as he cut one in half and beheaded the other. He quickly untied the boy and told him to run. The ground trembled beneath them from the direction of the Cliffs, the King was coming. The boy, blinded by tears and fear, ran towards the cliffs and Ebon prepared to chase after him but was stopped by Wake's warning. The King of the Cliffs was not his fight, and he was in no condition to face him. He let the boy go. A moment later he keeled over in pain, clutching his side. As he looked at his fresh wound, he saw that a chunk of his flesh had been torn away. He turned to see a legion of witches and wiccas glaring at him angrily.

"You fool!" the witches spoke as one. "You have ruined the sacrifice, the King will need another! Another!"

A particularly decrepit woman, taller than the rest stood apart from the crowd of witches, outstretching her arm and pointing towards Ebon, her fingertips glowed black.

Ebon made himself ready to move but fell back over, whatever had struck him was now poisoning him. The trembling of the ground grew more violent and became more frequent. The witches moved in on him but before they could grab him Ebon threw down two small pebbles onto the ground around him. They exploded with a green mist. The mist itself was poisonous to any that inhaled it. Ebon ran through the mist, breathing it, but escaping his captors.

Trying to put some distance between he and the witches Ebon collapsed in a high tree top. The trembling of the ground had stopped. He heard a high pitch scream, it was the boy! Alarmed, Ebon looked into the direction that he had heard the voice, but the screaming stopped. He saw nothing but trees and a trail leading up to the cliffs. The trembling returned briefly but was stopped as he then heard moaning and lamenting from the witches; They had either been found by or confronted the King. Ebon could hear their inaudible begging pleas and weeping to the King. A deep evil voice was then heard, Ebon knew exactly whom it belonged to. The King was speaking, and he could be heard clearly.

"Find him, bring him to me, alive or dead." The King calmly commanded. It was then that Ebon ran, with the witches in hot pursuit.

Ebon could see no escape from his plight. His protection charm was wearing off, holes in the red sphere were forming then growing wider. Ebon was close to unconsciousness. There would be no escape. The wound in his side still bled heavily, his blood began to turn black as it flowed from him. The poison of the witches as well as the inhalation of his own green mist was overcoming him. Falling backwards onto the forest floor, Ebon could not hold his charm any longer. The night engulfed him as the witches rushed to claim their prize.

DaChase pummeled Wake's chained form. He did not care that Wake had been relieved of his weaponry and tied to a tree much like the one DaChase had been strapped to nights before. DaChase delighted in causing Wake pain. Wake would not scream.

"You thought you could escape me?" DaChase asked between the body blows he was delivering, ripping Wake's flesh. Simona was in the corner of the tent that had been erected around the tree Wake was tied to, laughing.

"You should have killed me when you had the chance! I will be collecting the boy shortly as well and you will be made an example of so that he knows not to betray me again!"

DaChase leaned in closer to Wake's left ear, speaking softly.

"Just know that I WILL have him! I will take great pleasure from him night after night as I make him do my bidding. He will scream my name as I show him the true measure of a man!"

Wake grunted and strained against his binding to no avail. DaChase laughed as he backed away from Wake. He twice slapped Wake hard in the face with his claws, raking long gashes across Wake's cheeks. DaChase then took a handful of rubbing salts and mashed them into Wake's wounds; finally he screamed. DaChase then spit in Wake's face.

"If only you had eyes so that I could rip them out!" He and Simona bellowed in laughter as they left the tent. DaChase called for his guardsmen.

"Prepare to return to the castle. Exercise extreme caution when moving this one, beat or maim him if you must, his well being is now inconsequential. Just do try and leave him breathing, even if barely."

With that Dachase and Simona were off on their way back to his castle. They laughed even harder as they listened to Wake's continued torture at the hands of DaChase's men.